better days
Here is hoping for better days ahead.  These past few months have been pretty bad for me.  I am tired all of the time and very depressed.  I hope that the doctor tells me that there is a good explanation for the way I am feeling and that there is a simple cure !  But hey I am still excited that I am going to be a Grandma !  I just wish my daughter was closer so I could be there for more support. I am very happy that she has her life in better order than it was and I am extremely glad that she is finally happy!!!!  She deserves this happiness !

Mom's who get sick
It is most unfair for mom's to get sick !  Medications make you feel tired or as if your having an out body experience , weak and useless !  It is worse when you have nobody to depend on for help.  For the past 2 days I have been sick and I just am having a tough time coping with daily living.  Just putting in this entry seems to take so much energy.  Our oldest son is coming home today for the first time in 11 months and I so wanted to make it a better home comingI so hope and pray he isn't disappointed.  The youngest daughter is and has been doing NOTHING but play with lego's.  She is 12 years old and acts like she is 7.  I finally got Heather to take a nap , she has been sick too and got up way to early and was totally cranky !  I got the boy's room ready for when Eric gets here and the laundry started "AGAIN" , and the dishes are done.  I still have cookies to bake but I am not sure if it will get done.  I hope I feel good enough tomorrow to make the 2 pies.  And I miss Victoria so much !  She has been my rock for so long that it is difficult to not have her close .  I miss laughing with her and just hanging out with her , MINUS the bats !  I hope that some day soon she and Slater can join us here and complete our family once again.
Well that is all of the energy I have for today's entry.  Until tomorrow......

So I did it... I have LJ . I know Happy asked me a long time ago to do this and I finally did it.  But today I am feeling way under the weather !  I have a sore throat ( feels like strep) and a blocked up nose.  Yep MISERABLE!  But I'm a mom and I must go on taking care of the children... So Hey there Happy !  I love you daughter!!!!!!!


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